Essential examinations for diagnosis determination

Medical Practice

Ultrasound and Electromyography Słoneczna 4, Pszczyna

      • Vascular exam- Doppler
        • K. Czarnecka, MD
        • A. Jacyszyn, MD
        • J. Michalik, MD
      • Pediatric hip-joint exam
        • A. Nocoń, MD
        • A. Partyka, MD, PhD
      • Musculoskeletal system exam
        • S. Anusiewicz, MD
        • J. Klimczak, PhD
      • Internal organ exam
        • A. Jacyszyn, MD
        • J. Turko, MD
      • Breast exam
        • K. Czarnecka, MD

      • M. Przytarski, MD

    By appointment

    Radiography Słoneczna 4, Pszczyna

      • J. Turko, MD
      • K. Czarnecka. MD
      • M. Bujar, radiology technician
      • C. Ogorzały, radiology technician
      • J. Niziołek, radiology technician

      • Possible range: skull, sinuses, spine, chest, pelvis, long bones, joints, abdominal cavity. The image is recorded on a CD. A photographic film hard copy can be requested for an additional fee.

        Hours of operation
          Monday 8.00-15.00
          Tuesday 8.00-16.00
          Wednesday 9.00-16.00
          Thursday 8.00-16.30
          Friday 10.00-16.00