Indiba Activ Therapy
stymulacja komórkowa

Medical Practice

Indiba Activ Therapy helps activate cell metabolism restoring its natural balance, increasing vascularisation and the internal temperature of the treated tissues.

The result is a faster acceleration of the natural healing processes of the human body, reducing the patient’s pain from the first session. Indiba Activ Therapy restores function and mobility, normalises muscle tone and increases elasticity. At the same time, the draining effect by Indiba Activ Therapy helps reduce inflammation.

Indiba Activ Cell Therapy is an effective solution for:
  • speeding up recovery
  • relieving pain
  • facilitating movement
  • treating recurrent pain
  • reducing inflammation
  • osteoarthritis, periarthritis
  • przygotowaniu tkanek do zabiegu operacyjnego (poprawa trofiki i detoksykacja komórek)
  • physio-aesthetic treatments